Promoting Your Affiliate Programs

Build Your Business Website

Having your own business website is very necessary for improving your business , help to increase your business earnings and build your downline.Well planed , designed and built business website will eventually rank high by the main search engines which leads to much more traffic to your website and promoting links. All successful online marketers concentrate on improving their website and usually build several websites focusing on the same business to attract more visitors and hence increase their  earnings. If you are a beginner , then we suggest starting to build a website using a Free account by registering in any of the free hosting sites such as:

Google Sites

Free web pages

 We also offer you FREE  ebooks about websites as a bonus . Download the  ebooks Here . Also check relevant video at Here .

Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways of getting more traffic to your website is by getting your website optimized using many search engine optimization tools, most of these tools are free to download, download one in Here . You also need to submit your new website manually to Google, Yahoo and Ping search engines. Other way of improving your website search engine rank is by  getting free and paid Links where you will be allowed to place your website URL in other high rank websites which will eventually improve your website rank and hence get more targeted customers .

Google and Ping/Yahoo Adwords

All experienced online marketers agree that the quickest and most effective method of advertising is Google and ping/yahoo Adword. When you place an Ad at either one of them , you sell your products faster and if you are experienced enough in how to place effective ads, your profit will be higher than using other advertising campaigns. So what is Google and ping/Yahoo Adword ? well , when you visit any search page in Google or Ping/yahoo , all the ads placed in the right hand side of the page are called ( AdWord ) Ads. Sellers pay Google or Ping/Yahoo to place Ads there. To use Google or Ping/Yahoo Adword , you need to sign up for a Free account at each of them , then follow the instructions to place your Ad.

Youtube Advertising

Create a youtube video or audio clip about your affiliate program or products and place it in google youtube which could be seen by millions of youtube daily visitors. This is considered one of the most quickest and effective ways of promoting your affiliate programs and products. Interested youtube visitors will sign up for your Email marketing campaign and eventually will join or buy your affiliate products.

Social Networks

Join some of the popular social networks and take an active part in specialized  groups and try to increase your friends in them all. Add your affiliate links in your profile in all of them . As time pass by your friends will get to know about them and start joining your affiliate program and if the products are better than others they will eventually buy some of them.

Forums and Message Boards

Search for forums and message boards that are nearest to your affiliate programs and join as many as your time permit. Try to be active in discussions in all of them and add your affiliate and product links in your signature , the more active you are the more people will get to know and have more confidence in you and hence in your affiliate programs and products and will start joining your down line and buy your affiliate products.

Articles and eBooks

Another effective way of promoting your affiliate programs and products is to write relevant articles and ebooks and publish them in article directories,also offer them to download for free in your website. This will help to increase your credibility , interested customers and visitors to your website will often return to get more information from it and become more interested in your affiliate products. Don’t forget to add your affiliate link in all articles and main pages of your ebook.

Email Marketing

All top online business marketers agree that an email marketing campaign is essential to build your list of prospects and eventually increase your traffic and profit . Super affiliates always repeat the phrase (The Money Is In the List). To start such a campaign you need to have the email address of those in your down line and also collect email of  visitors to your website by offering them valuable free gifts such as relevant ebooks. You also need to prepare few messages to send them to your subscribers. This will keep you in touch with your customers and increase their confidence in you which will lead to increasing your down line and sell your affiliate products. when the number of subscribers to your email list increase , you need to send your message using an auto responder. Free Auto responder  ebook Here .